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  1. Top 12 Sink or Swim Discussion

    That is our secret plan to win wars... Keep changing names so that no one can decide which alliance to attack...
  2. Wars

    We were doing pretty well in O53 even before RNA joined in on beating them in O54 and in that AFC did try to help them ..
  3. Population from Thermal Baths

    Cant seem to remember and find anywhere so here it goes... Suppose I am at farm level 35 (minimum required for thermal baths) .. Will I have a greater population if I Build up farm to 45 and then build thermal baths, or is it equal when I have farm level 35, I build thermal baths.. and then...
  4. Petition to Remove Instant Buy!

    Would like to sign, where to sign?
  5. Passed Construction time of Buildings

    Just came back after a long long break of nearly 1 year on this forum ... And imagine my surprise to see that this idea was at least passed (even if Innogames and devs decide not to implement it) ... Thank you everyone ...
  6. SM vs KD

    Nah .. just curious whats going on in the world ... So have the WW started being built or just the era is here ??
  7. Passed Construction time of Buildings

    you may think so but this is not the case.. As i have pointed out in the previous discussions , it will be a win win situation both for company as well as for players...
  8. SM vs KD

    Still credit should be given to KD for their continuity ... they have been hit for past 1 year by world's top alliances ... first by Paragon + SM and from what i gather now only SM consisting of players from paragon as well as HK ...
  9. Top 12 Alliances

    Hmm and the battles continue ... good to see ... :)
  10. Top 12 Alliances

    where is everyone????
  11. World Discussion

    Mind updating me whats going on the world front as a whole???
  12. Passed Construction time of Buildings

    Any replies anyone on this idea ???? ... Further suggestions on how to move forward this idea????
  13. Wars 7.14

    any update about whats going on???
  14. A no easy decision

    Seems lot has happened during my absence... sad to hear ... got to say only that
  15. ConkeyDongs Fireside Lounge

    good to see (not sure about "good" :P )to see all of you alive and well .... Happy new year ....