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    Buff Weekend. Sorry for the recent Issues.

    We apologise for all the recent issues with the app alarm, difficulties logging in and inconvenience caused by problems with the daily login bonus. Since fairly finding who was impacted would be difficult if not impossible, as a gesture of goodwill, we will run some boosts this weekend for all...
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    Script GrepoData - Enemy City Indexer APPROVED

    We are pleased to advise that the Grepodata Indexer has been added to our list of approved scripts.
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    Thanks - good spot!
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    Closed Ares Maths Challenge

    Ok Competition closed. Thanks to everyone who participated. Everyone got the right answers here so well done. Answer: 1. Griffin = 4 2. Spartoi = 2 Selected at random for the manti tokens: @mummyman12 @kranthitejab @sentinelka Please message me on the forum with the world you would like...
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    Closed Ares Maths Challenge

    Ok the answers: Question 1. Pericles sent 108 hops, divided by 12 the Manti = 9 Question 2. This is where there was clearly some confusion and there were actually more wrong than right answers here. In both 127 and 128 alliances had the ability to hold 12 small and 2 large temples but the...
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    Proposal Change Insta-Buy Cost Structure

    Thanks OOC this is a very interesting idea. What do you think the downsides would be? Unless the cooldown is short, which you are not suggesting, the costs here are very high so my concern would be it prices the insta build nukes out of the game. It is already quite costly to even build one...
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    Closed Ares Maths Challenge

    It looks like theres a bit of confusion here - I cant explain without giving too much away so I'm going to close this part of the Comp tomorrow afternoon at 15.00 (21st), and then add some more questions that are maths based.
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    Closed Ares Maths Challenge

    Answer the following questions and discover the mathematical value of the all units to find the answer. Prizes - 2 x 1500 Gold 5 x 1000 Gold If there are more than 7 with the correct answer then the winners will be chosen at random. I might also have a few extra questions at the weekend so...
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    Aphrodite Narcissism

    Yes the spell will show on your report in the same way a 10% defence increase will show.
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    restart not working

    Would you please send a ticket to the support team and we will look into this for you. It is not possible to restart twice within 5 days unless you are conquered so I wonder if you accidentally started a new world or a new server. Either way with a ticket we can help you specifically. This is a...
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    Update to Version 2.233 Discussion Thread

    I think from the developers point of view the fact that players can jump in and out of alliances was unintended. Therefore this was changed. I don't think it was rushed in any way this issue has been there a long time. The changes affect all servers and all Olympus worlds so most likely there...
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    Update to Version 2.233 Discussion Thread

    I take your point and I will feed that back.
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    Update to Version 2.233 Discussion Thread

    The original bug was the fact a temple isn’t shown as under siege if the player has no alliance. The reason it does not show is that a temple cannot be owned by an individual and therefore logically can’t be besieged by an individual who is not part of an alliance. When the developers reviewed...
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    Closed Poseidon’s Lottery - Crack the Hydra Eggs

    Well done everyone we have 10 winners. No one managed all 5 numbers but we did have 10 that found 4. All these receive 1000 gold each. This proved a bit more difficult than anticipated and there was a lot to check so if anyone thinks they did manage this and I've missed it please message me...
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    Closed Poseidon’s Lottery - Crack the Hydra Eggs

    Ok final update. Theres now 4 players with 4 correct and actually one of those players has managed it twice! This is the final chance. I have removed another egg and reduced the bonus numbers again. If we don't get enough winners this time I will select a few at random from those who got 3...