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    Hey buddy, it has been a long time! Good to see you :)
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    Top 12 Top 12 Sink or Swim

    You're all done, just wait. Ssh bby is ok vs the world
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    Alliances of Lato

    Are they all this merge-happy?
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    The King has arrived!

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    The King has arrived!

    Who even are you
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    I am well good sir, how are you?
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    Discussion Streaming on Twitch?

    But the stream is just someone else 5 min farming :P There's always Youtube
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    Discussion Streaming on Twitch?

    not at all, I think I peaked at 3
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    Discussion Streaming on Twitch?

    Yeah I did for a couple days, but in reality its just grinding unless you're running an op.
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    I'm playing again, anyone that isn't bad want to play? In Ocean 53 in the best alliance on the server. Also mods smell bad.
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    Is Bhrytos the end of Grepo?

    Guest accounts are new accounts, I think you're looking at things a little backwards. To grow a game we need new players, guest accounts won't stay guest accounts if the players play for more than a couple of days.
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    Guide Quickbar Tutorial (Premium)

    Updated list again, heard some people say that some of the codes stopped working. If they do, please let us know <3
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    Do Gun Restrictions/Bans Reduce Violent Crime?

    2nd amendment* Mentally disabled or unhealthy people are not allowed to purchase guns, therefore they are already breaking the law by having obtained them to begin with. If they are getting them from their parents or friends, then those people are breaking the law by not locking them up properly.
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    Fix mah purpleness?

    Can you just fix the border on the one rockthing made? It looks closer to the original, but he sprayed the border on lol
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    Best Moderator of All-Time : Community Choice Awards

    Suppose we start a write in campaign....