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  1. Time to say goodbye grepolis ;(

    hope it gets better in your rl and hope to see you in grepolis again
  2. Conquest

    QUESTION I HAVE BEEN ASKED BY MY TEAM MEMBERS if you are short on cp and you have enough parties going that will end be for a cs lands can you send the cs in advance
  3. speed

    is this a speed server or is it a slow server
  4. Potential Alliances and Old ones

    GWD = Leader cant make members follow orders. Attacks pact members. LOL if your talking about us hitting Pritzman who ran to ER. we was attacking him before he ran for cover. all attacks have stopped we are in talks with ER now
  5. dodging attack

    if you dodge what you think is a reg attack and its a conquest attac, does your returning troops attack or just work as support
  6. seeking alliance

    check with gwd they are over there
  7. What Is This?

    just a question. can a Conquest be over 48 hr trip.