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  1. Top 12 top 12 sink or swim

    We never know @NeosOfficialVevo, how many French have we got in the team ? Half may be :D
  2. Top 12 top 12 sink or swim

    Blacklisted is not here to upsets you. :)
  3. Summer Starts Now!!

    I'm golding but I can't follow, they spend to much for me x) yes for sure, they will quit quickly
  4. Summer Starts Now!!

    Ok thank you haha, I'm reassured
  5. Summer Starts Now!!

    Guys I need your help. I don't understand something : Somes alliance have got 35 membres, so I guess than Alliance limit is 35 and not just 33 or I'm wrong ? Thank's for your answers :)
  6. Top 12 top 12 sink or swim

    You forgot the French team :) Blacklisted
  7. Summer Starts Now!!

    Don't talk about Bibor, he's beginner on this game @NeosOfficialVevo . May be one day he will survive.
  8. Summer Starts Now!!

    Let's gooooo