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    H.E vs Skiis

    you must be joking , we already have control of those ocean we never though that noobs are still around :P and O45 belongs to TB
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    H.E vs Skiis

    Anyone still around ? poor skiis are still trying to get their crown :P
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    Improvements XI

    Founder/Moderation Activity Log will only be used by the leader but Inbox Search Bar can be used by everyone i voted for the 2nd
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    Inactive Topic design your own alliance flag

    i have simple idea , there can be place to design banner in-game in this manner players will not be able to make offensive banners.... for this players will be provided with different shapes/design to make their own banner i have just started programming and according to me this will be best for...
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    Top 12 Top 12 Alliance Thread

    what is happening now days in byzantium ? are TS still trying to take tomb and colossus of rhodes ? according to Hall of Fame no one has got the crown and player stats says that there is still some fighting going on
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    Announcement [Ithaca] Congratulations to the alliance The Basterds

    No one wants to fight skiis :P we will take them as internals lol
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    Newspaper Extra Mortal Basters

    i was on a month VM that is why i do not posted here and i was active in 3 worlds at that time and yes i am a kid becuase i am under 18 ! do you all wanna loose a battle to a kid
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    Newspaper Extra Mortal Basters

    hello everyone , i will like to invite experienced any active players to my alliance "Extra Mortal Basterds" , i do not want to get in top within a day(so i don't want to invite players blindly) , i want my alliance to be strong and well managed ! so check out my alliance my in-game name is...
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    Pre World Edessa Discussion Thread

    i agree ! those setting are just perfect !
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    Pre World Edessa Discussion Thread

    yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss all the setting suit me !!!!! i will be there :D
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    Pre World Edessa Discussion Thread

    i want morale to be activated because it will force to fight players of similar size and not feed on players less that 1/4 of our size
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    Pre World Edessa Discussion Thread

    World speed : 2 Unit Speed : 2 Morale Activated Alliance cap 30 ! Revolt if these are there then i will join
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    Looking for an alliance? Join The Unicorns!

    All i can say is that your alliance is completely in-active lol :supermad: i conquered two 12k cities of your alliance with 1 slinger nuke lol
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    World Byzantium(en26) - Question about Culture Points

    what will happen to my city festival/olympics/victory parades if i loose that city in which they are held suppose i organize a city festival in my city "A" then someone conquer that city before festival ends will i gain a cp or not ?