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  1. Life

    Personally I can't wait for automation to take over majority of jobs in this world, most people don't even truly like their jobs in the first place. What I think we need in the future is UBI, which would probably require you to tax the rich, but poor people don't like taxes for the wealthy for...
  2. Life

    "If I don't troll you, someone else is going to troll you".
  3. Pre-World Kepoi Discussion Thread

  4. Pre-World Kepoi Discussion Thread

    I just hope we can hopefully fill the 4 core oceans up but that may seem unlikely...
  5. Top 12 by Yossy Bossy with hair so glossy you want to stick your fenix into it

    We have many reasons to be proud, every world we're demonized and shunned for being "Botters", we came 1 months late into this world and took down an alliance far larger than us and we're now #1 alliance, every world we face many odds and people telling us we can't win, but we always and will...
  6. Top 12 by Yossy Bossy with hair so glossy you want to stick your fenix into it

    This aged well... you saw how well we communicated in our op yesterday that resulted in dozens of your cities taken, nobody is carrying anyone in Fiasco, this isn't Sons of Odin.
  7. Next World

    They were probably in the process of making a new server for 3 weeks now so in my opinion it's a little late for that.
  8. Pre-World Therma Discussion Thread

    Terrible settings
  9. disgrace

    I guess they're still mad about getting steamrolled on EN117, too bad I wasn't there when it happened. Oh well history will repeat itself.
  10. trash talk

    The funny thing is even with the 20% attack boost VICTRIX still struggles to take cities XD, we sunk 9 CS attempts from Viridian yesterday, and more from other players, we don't even have our defense bonus anymore. I guess they rely on skud too much. Message Iongrey0 for more details
  11. Top 12 v2

    ME: Ghosted... XD
  12. Top 12 v2

    You;re giving me PTSD just thinking about it, the only person missing is Vranac.
  13. The Kelendris Times Issue I

    Haven't seen a newspaper in a while
  14. Top 12 Top 12

    You guys in bloods should've known sooner or later BBM was going to turn on you guys. It's your lack of preparation is why you guys are in this predicament now. You guys got way too comfortable. Now just sit back and wait for people to quit, ghost, or go into VM.