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    Top 12 top 12 sink or swim

    Tassies - would love to see your top 12. I can't be bothered to do one myself at the moment. Also you and I are likely to lose the argument regarding founding-as-a-strategy... a lot of players swear it's the greatest thing. I did it on EN105 when there was a 60% build-time bonus... but that is...
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    Top 12 top 12 sink or swim

    In other news, VG is founding en masse around FAIL. I guess if you can't take cities from players who are online... Speaking of which, if I was a major alliance in or around o54 looking looking to knock down a large threat... VG has a lot of biremes tied up in o44 at the moment and they'll...
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    Speak now or forever hold your peace

    I lost two cites because I had a date... does that count?
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    Just For Spammers

    I don't think the Koreans deserve any violin for being a "small" alliance. My best guess is tldkek spends about 10k gold per day, typical 3K city take on the Dokkaebi border involves getting hit multiple times during the siege by the same 394 LS nuke...
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    Trash Talk Thread

    I was also trying to figure who he was attacking. Generally when one player has a +150K ABP gain there is a corresponding large DBP gain somewhere but for all I can tell he wasn't attacking any one person.
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    Top 12 top 12 sink or swim

    Hmm I seem to recall it takes a lot more than a few lost cities to kill an alliance. Unless something has changed? The Frosted alliance has about 430 more cities...
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    Pnp Shout Outs!!!

    Shout out to SlivasLegendZ, Zeus4848 and team, who I've fought both against and with this server. Zeus has managed to stuff my offense every time I went against him previously, I think he's a better defender than I. Slivas and team took a city off me earlier in this server at a time when I...
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    Pnp The Vacation Company

    Erik I appreciate the PnP and there's nothing to be ashamed about, fighting both Skull Skeletons, Skulls & Bones, Epidemic, and whoever else they are fighting too. I have mad respect for Renaniel sticking it out against that op, having half cities in o54 (unfriendly territory) and half in o44...
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    Newspaper The LegendZ Take - Issue 3

    Great newspaper! And yes, don't worry you've been noticed. :)
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    Newspaper The LegendZ Take - Issue 2

    Good read, good effort, nicely done!
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    Pnp You can hug or you can fight

    It's now Saturday... Gortyn opens Monday... 2 days. It looks like Priory may be sitting out Twisted's OP on True Fear today (according to Grepolife). I cautiously welcome this development... although of course time will tell. :) Anybody thinks I'm complaining about NAPs and PACTS? I'm not, and...
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    Pnp You can hug or you can fight

    That's what I'm asking my friend. :) All that I'm seeing right now is a lot of hugging between alliances that should be fighting... and 21 of the top 28 players working together, 5 of the top 10 alliances working together. Where's the challenge and sport in that? The leaders of the alliances...
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    Pnp You can hug or you can fight

    Hmm... some people seem to think I am complaining about the fight. This is a misinterpretation of my post. I'm calling you out for taking the easy path and not looking out to balance the server when you are in a position to do so. In the meantime, I am the primary beneficiary of the current...
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    Pnp You can hug or you can fight

    I'm calling out Twisted Souls (#1), The Priory (#2), Kraken (#6), Twisted Minds (#7), Kraken. (#10) for the crime of unbalancing the server. Yes, you know who you are. Coordinating Ops and defense with 5 of the top 10 alliances like this against smaller prey is like cocaine... the high is...
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    Calling all Vets

    Well it's certainly fun to look back and reminisce on old worlds, old battles and old enemies. I also recently returned from 3.5 years away and very few people recognized me when I came back. That's ok - just a reminder that life moves on. Nice to see some old faces here. I played: En6 En11...