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  1. 2.57 Discussion Thread

    How do we find details of the alliance finder or settings for it? We don't want to be getting these applications and would like to opt out somehow.
  2. Don't trust alliance Krypteia dishonest

    There is only 1 real Krypteia and we're on Gela (previously tau), whoever is doing this is stealing our name.
  3. Great loss for Grepolis

    Sad times indeed, I would like to thank everyone for the kind words that have been sent to leadership here, we have been overflowing with sincere heartfelt messages. The game pales into the background with such events. Kind Thanks To Each Of You!! Best Wishes Jambo
  4. Krypteia - Winners Of Tau

    Krypteia You Have fought long and hard, your time has arrived. You have deservedly been awarded the title... Winners Of Tau. Share your thoughts your stories and even your certificates here. We'd like to extend our thanks to all of our enemies...
  5. The Wars of Tau

    As someone who fought both of them a lot, I can state unequivocally that Kostrc is leagues above anyone else on Tau I have attacked or defended against and I have always aimed for the best. This is cold hard fact.
  6. Trade Bug

    It was a normal trade between two of my cities, I've done loads since that have arrived so I'm thinking it must be my madness, but it was literally seconds after it arrived that I clicked the city and it wasn't there.
  7. Trade Bug

    World: Tau Browser: Chrome Overview of the bug: I just had 15000 wood arrive at my city H4, it's not there so there appears to be a bug with this. I've double checked my trade log, I'm not imagining it and I haven't spent it, it only just arrived. Screen Shot attached Screenshots: Show us...