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    Top 12 Sink or Swim

    no it was funny!!
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    Legion of Death unite!!

    love pinky and the brain btw
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    Legion of Death unite!!

    we have actually won more crowns, but for some reason the guys wanted to be different in NU, us. server that the core group of guys won?
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    Legion of Death unite!!

    Calling on all former LOD members from all different worlds and servers to re-unite in sinope, yeah dumb world name!! If you have not received an email notice or Skype invite I hope you find this thread and head to the new world southwest this time... something different. If your looking to...
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    growing concern

    no gang tackle, but I am not sure you are in on what I am saying, a spy two spies etc. that is part of the game. This is different. this is a large group say 6-10 players from competitive alliances from other worlds who move to a new world with their team, but they all join another alliance...
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    growing concern

    Fellow grepolis brothers/sisters. I have been playing this game now for 4 years I guess, and I have thoroughly enjoyed the strategy, friendships, adventure of it, just all of it. However, I am seeing a growing trend that seems to be very prevalent in the us. server and I hope it doesn't spill...
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    Milestones Milestones of Sinope (en81)

    Nothing like laying down the gauntlets now
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    Pre-World Sinope Discussion Thread

    I have not done speed 2 units speed 3, I take it those settings me what, the units and cities build at a slower speed than a 3? I get unit speed. do I understand this correctly?
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    En 81. When? Ever?

    kids Big Ben, Parlament....
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    Revolt or Conquest

    I think for a high level player conquest has a lot of tactical advantages which I really like. knowing how to stop, or break a siege has a lot more complexities that I don't think noobies really get, and only after playing for awhile does an individual fully understand using offense and defense...
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    New World? Discuss.

    speed one I am guessing but I would think speed one is a cash cow for them. i know I couldn't stand the slow times so dropped more gold their than speed 3. so business decision would probably be speed one.
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    January World Proposal

    any idea when the spec's will be out ????
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    January World Proposal

    well they are different styles one is revolt and one is conquest. two very different groups play those worlds.
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    Gold transfer from US?

    well when unsullied and dothraki combined have 2 million more citypoints its gonna be a rough go at WW. good on them for playing it well.
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    Gold transfer from US?

    well I think I still have money on en so new world here I come