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  1. Attackers of Pag

    And of course Deus went quiet when i post a funny thing, probably made him laugh and he doesn't want to prove his cannibalisation
  2. Wonder Talk

    MGGA will fail
  3. GNN Breaking News

    Please be our guests and just stop posting here altogether
  4. Attackers of Pag

    {LEAKED} Deus Vault's Wall, Unedited {LEAKED}
  5. Attackers of Pag

    On the side of what you lost as an attacker, probably a couple thousand transports and 30k dlu dead from BP feeding yourself
  6. Attackers of Pag

    Can deus actually just go away what a way to ruin a good thread
  7. Top/Flop Players of Tegea

    You guys are too hard on yourselves a next door harpy attack is 2 minute TT and you show off about to catching people offline lol app or no app it's gonna happen
  8. GNN Breaking News

    I think he just copy pasted that off modscripts kal not as if he purposely made sure that alliance was listed there
  9. Top/Flop Players of Tegea

    Report or it didn't happen
  10. Over/Under Rated?

    Humanie overrated, the dude was no1 attacker rank for a long time but he plays without alarm and has a healthy 4-6 hour off time where he doesn't dodge his OLU or LS
  11. Attackers of Pag

    Is that actually gonna be a thing??
  12. Attackers of Pag

    Notmad you are making it sounds so great all of grepo players are going to become BP cannibals
  13. Top 12 Top 12

    Nice analysis. Thank you for the read
  14. Attackers of Pag

    Especially with those damn quad BP tokens Inno decided to ruin the game with
  15. Statistics and Speculation on Coalitions for Wonders

    Considering you guys are handing colossus and Statue Z on a silver platter yeah I would say that's a fair call :D