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  1. Closed Christmas Advent Calender - December 5th Limericks

    There was a man named Milky11, He got rimmed by spammers, And He came back with a vengeance, And taught them good manners, While doing a dance.
  2. EN 200 Premade

    hahaha each member in top 50 lmao
  3. Top 12 Dave's Top 12 thread

    nope. as long as you dont play more than 2 accounts you are good
  4. Top 12 Dave's Top 12 thread

    i played in blue ribbon beers. i was daveinator007. and your name sounds familiar. whats your ign here?
  5. Ghosting during beginners

    Yep I took advantage of this. Should be fixed.
  6. Top 12 Dave's Top 12 thread

    1.Swim. Mainly an o54 alliance. They have a lot of golders. Hercules has been spending a lot of gold on buying resources. (Thanks btw) I give these guys a swim because their gold will keep them alive for a while to come. 2.Sink. An o44 alliance. It's my alliance so will obviously fail. 3.Swim. A...
  7. Discord World Chat

    I posted the wc link in the pre-world discussion thread but I'm reposting the link here so more people can see it.
  8. Mobile forum bug?

    ive had the same issues on the app. its been liek that for ages.
  9. Top 12 Dave's Top 12 thread

  10. Pre-World Chios Discussion Thread

    This thread is dead...
  11. Pre-World Chios Discussion Thread

    Yeah okay bro. See you in the next cq world. Hope we fight,
  12. Pre-World Chios Discussion Thread

    Chimpanzees Riding Segways is recruiting Also the 131 world chat:
  13. World Chios (revolt) Pre-made

    Hello as some of you may have seen I made a pre-made for the next conquest world. But it seems the new world is revolt. So until the next conquest world opens I will play Chios, Alliance name: Chimpanzees Riding Segways Alliance theme video: Requirements to join: Must have discord. Must have...