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  1. Grepolis Battleship 2 Guess Thread: Round Two

    q20 please
  2. Grepolis Battleship 2 Guess Thread: Round One

    round one guess; S23
  3. New God Discussion Thread

    Nice one for April Fools
  4. Rip cragg

    Was great playing against you. Hope all is well in RL with you.
  5. share your walls

    City wall an attacker (421370) an attacker (451698) a defender (1192346) a defender (187388) Grepolis Report Converter Revolution Tools - ver. 3.3.4 created by Potusek & Anpu
  6. Pnp BLACK A.R.M.A.D.A. vs. Valor.

    Im glad someone knows what we are thinking. I personally can´t think or plan past the next three hours. So please Wachakow give us the plan so we can follow it.
  7. Boring, skilled, noob!

    Boring: Me Skilled: Mosevej-Dback-Mistraven Noob: Pmosr, RobertoHenry, Reyr
  8. And Hows That ? Kappa Will be Closed in 27 Days

    While it is somewhat disappointing to lose all the cities I have aquired, it is also a good thing. The world started to die the moment the world wonders were completed. Majority of players have moved on and it needs to be closed. I do hope they will open another speed 3 world like Kappa again...
  9. When Eta comes to an end

    When will ETA get this message
  10. World Wonders - idea

    It doesnt end, but keeps going until the 300 mark. Kappa was won months ago and is still going and will be probably the first to dip below 300 base on numbers.