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  1. Wars of the Rim

    All sides have suffered a decent loss of troops the past few days as is expected when wars are started. It will be interesting to see what happens now that there are less myths flying around. The community goals will definitely help the wars stay action packed. Each side has targeted inactives...
  2. Inactive Topic Using Myths in Island Quests

    As for the screenshots, it looks as though Joseph Nieves had to support with his units while Flameinducer had to attack to complete the quest. So my guess is that you CAN attack with myths but you can't support with them
  3. Guide Quickbar Tutorial (Premium)

    Is there a javascript for the premium farming overview? Didn't see it on the list Edit: found it on the Grepo Wiki javascript:Layout.wnd.Create(Layout.wnd.TYPE_FARM_TOWN_OVERVIEWS, "Farming Town Overview");void(0)
  4. Top 12 Alliances of Zancle

    Care to elaborate?
  5. Inactive Topic Sort Alliance Member List

    Again, late to the party but I like this regardless of what format is decided upon. Was actually going to suggest being able to sort alliance members by BP but this is better
  6. Passed Morale Revamp

    I know I'm late to the party but I really like this. Though I agree that there should be point requirement for morale to take effect. 10-15k points sounds good to me. What if we change the name from "main enemy" to "nemesis". Sounds better imo.
  7. Top 12 Alliances of Zancle

    Where did you find that? I see a 3-1 lead in favor of NI
  8. Petition to Remove Instant Buy!

  9. Discussion Resource buildings prior to CQ

    I've been playing Grepo now for a few years and I think my process for my first city is different than most. I usually upgrade all the resource production buildings to level 15-20 and then don't level them again until after I have CQ researched. I usually get more than enough resources from...
  10. Announcement Name that Pixel! - COMP

    Background of the lighthouse
  11. Newspaper First Edition: Overview

    Spr2The-Rear is from Response Error, not Syndicate. But other than that, great job.
  12. Newspaper possible war senarios for the ucobp ( united coaliton of butter pawns)

    Now you're just making stuff up. He wasn't one of our better players. I'd really like to see this message. But I'm sure you have conveniently deleted it.
  13. Newspaper possible war senarios for the ucobp ( united coaliton of butter pawns)

    Did you forget that your alliance lost two cities to SoD?
  14. Newspaper possible war senarios for the ucobp ( united coaliton of butter pawns)

    We've lost one city to SoD. So instead of over exaggerating it by making it plural, make sure you actually know what you're talking about.
  15. Top 12 Alliances of Thebes

    RE is not semper fi 2.0, you're thinking about HaVoC.