I have a preference for "deep" topics, or at least discussions with more meaning than "My Favorite X is Y". I was once told that I have "a romantic soul", given my occupation with romantic relationships (and my lack thereof), it seems reasonable enough. I spend most of my time online, videogames, anime, movies, forums, etc. fill my days. In anime I've an inclination for shoujo, josei, and seinen, with my favorites being very intense emotional grabs, tragedy is a plus.

I do a bit of personal writing, either journaling or flash fiction. My fiction almost always has some form of fantasy or arcane aspect to it and my journaling is purified angst. I prefer music with a softer tone to it, things you would listen to while staring out your window in the middle of the night. M83, UNKLE, Angus & Julia Stone, Celtic Women, Enya, Buckethead, Carissa's Wierd, S, Bang Gang, The Antlers, and Air are just a few I like.

Socially, I seem to often come off as either apathetic or super emotional. Cold in personal conversation although I don't mean it, apathy and disconnection is a coping mechanism for me that I use almost involuntarily. Unfortunately it tends to bleed heavily into everything else, so speak up if I

If you need to talk to someone, even if you have no idea who I am, I'm here.
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Epsilon, Xi
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Pella, Sparta
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