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    Newspaper Apollonia Times

    On another note... When has Sesame Street and the Muppets sim?
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    Announcement Your new Mod

    Hello swarren! Glad to have you with us!
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    Newspaper Apollonia Times Ninth Issue

    By far the best edition yet. Well done!
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    SS Poor Show! or Good play?

    As it has been posted so far from people who have joined our ranks from our opposition.. You can see they did not get "recruited" in the style you think. People have pride in the game and seek the entertainment value it holds and they will find it in some form. This is a strategic game of war...
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    SS Poor Show! or Good play?

    I haven't read past this post yet... but I have to give props to Thresher's sexy mind.
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    Newspaper Apollonia Times Eighth Issue

    Regardless of why they quit, it's always sad to see people leave the world. I think that regardless of all the drama, the people we have in this world are top notch and I would love to see everyone stay to the end. Best of luck R3D where ever you end up.
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    Top 12 Sink or Swim

    The banter/trash talk is fun to read. It's what keeps me coming to these forums on a consistent basis. Just remember though that behind every computer is still a human being.. Leave the banter/trash talk related to the game.. Who's making the next list?
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    Pnp The Battle of the Coalitons

    Thresher... You are my hero. Nuff said.
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    Pnp Decision Making: A Creepy Turtles' Tale

    Sexy PnP Sable *purrrrrr*
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    Pnp The Battle of the Coalitons

    I would love to just see war stats. Don't add the city takeovers that have nothing to do with the war.. but if you're going to put a PnP together it might as well be accurate.
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    Newspaper Apollonia Times

    I would love to see more about wars (or I should say the aftermath of it). If anyone from a specific alliance wants to give you the specifics maybe you could write a nice little blurb on it.. Maybe take submissions of internal alliance information (nothing too revealing that will hurt...
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    Top 12 Sink or Swim

    "Daddy, their happy is too loud". ~ Rosie Mee
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    Milestones of Apollonia

    This thread is very poorly kept up to date.
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    Top 12 Sink or Swim

    1 Sesame Street - Right now there isn't really any opposition. They will pick apart those within their core - Swim 2 Creepy Turtles - Same goes for the Turtles, they will solidify their core and grow stronger - Swim 3 Project Anti-Venom - They are growing stronger, they need to drop some dead...
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    Newspaper Apollonia Times Fourth Issue

    This was a great report. I too would like to see some about the wars; I like seeing stats and different questions for people. I would give you rep but it wont let me.. Says I have to share the wealth.. Not like many are deserving :P