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  1. Any players in Thailand

    Are there any Thailand based players in Katane (or anywhere for that matter) Give us a shout and tell me what you're up to.... ON TO GLORY ! !
  2. New Thailand member

    Hi guys..I'm back in the game after a couple of years out. I'm based in Thailand playing KATANE, OCEAN 43.... Are there any other expats in the game? Would be great to hear from anyone. I've been trying to get the kids at my school interested in playing as there is a Thai language option but...
  3. Alliance disappeared overnight (TROY)

    My alliance (TROY) has disappeared overnight. Looks like it has been disolved... No notification or hint at any problems, I actually thought we were doing quite well! Where have all the members gone? Signed up with another? Anyone else in Ocean 43 wondering what to do? Just looking for...
  4. Not a Bug population in the red

    Thanks must be right as i just accepted some hoppies from an island quest...... expanding farm as we speak.... on to glory ! !
  5. Not a Bug population in the red

    My population just showed up in the red -17 then dropped to -24..... how is this possible?