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  1. Halloween Event Videocast Discussion

    In the event a person had suggestions for changes to the game,where would he type them? At any rate,the artwork is SUPERB!
  2. Ignorance

    I was sent an invitation to investigate the possibility of becoming a moderator...I was flattered. I had to go serve customers and send resources to help my Alliance in its end-game push...when I went to my PM record,there was no evidence of the invitation. With considerable effort and much luck...
  3. Ignorance

    Your term "ignorance" is more accurate than your vocabulary allows you to understand. In my sense,it is lack of knowledge that prevented me from making an earlier response. When,after serving my customers and sending resources to help my Alliance,I went to answer your message...I couldn't find...
  4. conquering farm villages

    My game won't let me "occupy" the next farm village, but I know it's possible. When does the game give me the green light? Does the ratio-bar in the top of the Attack Box significant? How do I speed up the opportunity to conquer these villages? Len V.
  5. Byzantium News

    Hi; People keep talking about "oceans"... how do I find out which one I'm in? What do the tattered, colourless banners on some cities mean? What is the significance of the ratio-bar in the Attack Boxes for farm villages? Len Vaness, a really new guy.
  6. New to the game

    I too, am a rank begginer. It wasn't until New Year's Eve that I stumbled upon how to research stuff. One person suggested that I couldn't attack Farming Villages because of low "culture points"...How many "culture points" did Atilla have? There is a ratio bar over the top of the attack box for...
  7. Ignorance

    I joined in Dec, 2011, and by my lack of computer skills, failed to join one alliance, and asked to join another in a different sea. Some "ignorance" is not mean-spirited. I don't even know if I'll be able to find this placr again. I,m so new to this stuff, I'm just looking for advice. Len Vaness