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  1. Best Team Ever Assembled?

    We are rich, handsome gentlemen who are and excellent in Grepolis. Be jealous, you kids
  2. Best Team Ever Assembled?

    Someone mentioned the greatness of The Merge, who managed to rotate 1000 people (I am too lazy to check who was that). They truly did, lol. And they were brought to knee when the enemies took fire to their home. It's your choice to cuddle (@mungus1974 ) be proud with it. Thanks, it's not our...
  3. Best Team Ever Assembled?

    If you consider diplomacy or ability to rotate 1000+ players during WW era legendary, TS is of not even close to be in top 100 greatest, lol. We never do diplomacy and we never need 1000+ players to organize them.
  4. Best Team Ever Assembled?

    You meant Erika Weshallmerge?
  5. Best Team Ever Assembled?

    If you were there, you should of known leblob. He was with TS and he was leader in WW winning alliance in Nagidos. What he brought there was one of the techniques that was invented by TS.
  6. Best Team Ever Assembled?

    TS copying some one? Lol, you made me laugh. I bet you can't even imagine what we did to beat the entire world in the WW race (after we dominated the battle field for the entire time)
  7. Best Team Ever Assembled?

    I believe Nagidos winning alliance copied some important thing from TS for the WW race. They should accredit us for that!
  8. Best Team Ever Assembled?

    Fair point. You cannot take on the whole world in fast worlds. That's where diplomacy involves.
  9. Best Team Ever Assembled?

    I bet you never play against TS. Gold wouldn't help you to last long when you are surrounded by red, in 5-1 ratio at least. Skills and team work do. Against EN in speed 3-4 worlds? No, thanks. They will land with 4-5 full branches and click the buttons the whole day without even think twice. TS...
  10. Pre-World Amisos Discussion Thead

    Good news for others: The Syndicate won't be playing this world. Unit speed 1 favor simmers who drop late in the rim. An advice for anyone want to win this world: Start 1 month late in Ocean 25 and sim for 2 years. No one will be able to reach you from the core Ocean within that time :D
  11. Pnp Alex's Last Words for Interlude

    Jeff, you mean The Syndicate in en88? Be prepared people, haters are coming!
  12. This is ridiculous

    Dude, you are not even play in this world. I am not sure if you are still playing Grepo after the shameful mass ghosting in Golgi. Yet, you are still follow and bite us in our butt every chance you have. You must like our fart very much.
  13. Emporion: TS World Winners Update!

    Thanks mate!
  14. Emporion: TS World Winners Update!

    Here we go. It doesn't take long for those to show up :D
  15. Emporion: TS World Winners Update!

    That's fair, nassk. Pig lost the cities because it was not in our priority area when we were under attack from all sides. That's sad that he didn't take it easy. That would be fun if you were joining us as I heard from Balrog. Best wishes!