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A former Ephesus player, joined "Scorpian Elite Forces", and then watch their fall, due to horrible leadership. I went to Open Source Government, ignoring orders by our now inactive leader to go to Elixor West. Got a good empire going, then... BAM! A O.S.G vs. C.D.C war. We held them off, and probley would have won the war. We were told to merge into League of Shadows, and after watching the fall of my 2nd favorite alliance, I quit Ephesus. I hada empire going in Zakros. I've been fighting a war with mods.

2011- I start playing on a world I cannot remember. This was my First year playing.
2012- Killing C.D.C, watching fall of O.S.G.
2013- Playing in Zakros
2014- Coming to a world near you
2015- Meh, there's no point
2016- Is anyone still here?
2017- RIP
2018- Counting the days

If you must contact me-
I don’t use this site anymore

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