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    Passed Single Support Report

    I vote for it, very needed indeed... but also agree that this will make sneak attacks harder to get unnoticed... but flooding players with hundreds of reports and spy reports, despite doing the job, is a tactic that in my mind doesn't provide benefits to balance the annoyance of so many...
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    No, he is not telling the truth. At least one chicken is not a liar (but not this chicken), making the statement "All chickens are liar" false. Not all chickens are liars, and not all chicken are telling the truth. (assuming a liar lies all the time)
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    battle points ?

    Yes, it doesn't matter how many of your troops die, it's how many they killed that counts for BP. And as Jono said, yes, you get bps for defending others' cities, except for ghosts. Again it's how many units did your troops/boats killed (so in case of a heavy defence from a lot of players in...
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    How did this player change his screen name?

    I like your name, ToT, don't change it ;)
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    the sun or the weather?
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    April PotM Poll Discussion

    I agree, I love Rooster's posts, however he'd have to face competition if Farg was nominated too in the same month ... Maybe we need to find a way to spread out the nominations over several months :P
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    Speed as moving oceans

    They do compound each other. I believe that would be 10% faster x 15% faster, which would be 26.5% faster if I am not mistaken. What spell are you talking about? is that an island quest thing maybe?
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    Improvements XII

    I like them all, so I voted for (i.e. against) #1. #1 should be pretty minor so it doesn't really fit in this comparative vote, either Inno does it because they want to, or they won't, so in any case I didn't want to penalize the other good ideas. The naval tactics sounds complex but...
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    Passed Check Box Hide 25% fewer resource icons

    Agree, it is too cluttered and looks confusing, and may click on the wrong place with all these icons.
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    Passed Naval Tactics

    I like it, currently I agree the game is unbalanced as we pretty much know in advance what to expect and how to defeat it in naval attacks, compared to land where the mix of troops is unknown. In addition with harbor checks or flying harbor checks or just recording what was used prior, we often...
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    7th farm and upgrade of farms

    Yes, you can. You need more "trained units" in the city though, but these units don't have to be sent in the attack against the village (they could be LS, other boats, or defence units for example). If you have more than 140 slingers, I suggest you send as many slingers as you have, so you get a...
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    7th farm and upgrade of farms

    Everyone on the island benefits from your upgraded farm, as long as they have conquered that farm. So yes, you are helping everybody. So when looking at which farm you want to take, a good idea is to start by the ones that have the highest upgrade level (as long as they do the trades you are...
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    The removal of harbor checks

    Pheeww, I wasn't aware it was being removed either, happy that it's back. It's really a strategic component, some troops/city builds and even city placements are decided with this, and it fits a different purpose than the spy imo: a spy is more complete, but the defender can stack his cave and...
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    Inactive Topic Troops eating food..

    I second this, and the suggestion provided by aannira sounds good imo.
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    Abort a quest?

    LOL, I had to read that twice...