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    Rate the Player!

    Wheredevil Points: 6/10 - 55k.. you are in the middle of the core and you only have 8 cities. i would expect more BP: 7/10 - 30k total. Same as above really.. semi decent amount of BPA, not much BPD so that suggests that you have not picked a fight with anyone decent. Alliance: 6/10 - judging...
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    Raptors 15 - 4 Wolves And zen do yourself a favor and stop talking please. you are not making yourself look any better by going on about it
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    Newspaper Daily Bhrytos Issue VI

    Its like Delta with NaT all over again :) well done Langoliers, i approve of your sneakyness
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    AMA - 14th - Ask Me Anything DR-DOOM

    Im sorry to hear that :(
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    AMA - 14th - Ask Me Anything DR-DOOM

    Whats your biggest grepo regret?
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    AMA - 14th - Ask Me Anything DR-DOOM

    try waiting 10 months between seasons :( thats the killer
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    Rate the Player!

    JNC Points: ranked 61 so ill give you an 8/10 BP: Very nice BPA/BPD raitio your just outside of the core so with 6k BPA ill go with another 8/10.. Alliance: The Elite. again ;) nice member numbers, grouped pretty well on the map.. id like to see the overall BPA a bit higher.. however as most...
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    AMA - 14th - Ask Me Anything DR-DOOM

    Oh dear....
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    AMA - 14th - Ask Me Anything DR-DOOM

    Favorite character on Game Of Thrones?
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    Grepolis Legends

    ^ Thanks i knew that they weren't spelled right :) I didnt see the end of Nat in delta as i moved to eta with a few other NaTs to start an alliance there so cant comment on how it ended.. i do remember a few of the guys saying that there was some internal problems toward the end though...
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    Newspaper Daily Bhrytos IV

    nice :)
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    Original grep. just my thoughts

    ^ it sure was
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    Newspaper TWTTB Daily Bhrytos Issue II

    can i suggest if your keen to do the work, throwing in some conquer details in there... alliance a takes 6 cities from b,c & d while alliance b bla bla bla.. or some BPA stats... just throwing ideas out there :) nice work though + rep
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    Original grep. just my thoughts

    Yeah I know its a long shot to say the least :( Grep has been going the "how do we make more money quickly?" rout for a long time now... It really is a shame though because this use to be such a good game. It use to be all about teamwork, strategy, timing and time management. It didnt matter how...