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  1. Top 12 Top 12 Sink or Swim 2.0

    I meaaan, even a simple look at stats confirms his statement
  2. A Game

    Name your favourite in terms of skills (cannot be your alliance or alliance mates) - Alliance: Turtles For Hire Player: Hell House Name your favourite alliance to play with: Shadies Name your favourite alliance name of this world (still playing now and not your alliance):Turtles For Hire...
  3. Top 12 Alliance A-Baps

    Ohh come on drop it off, top 12 in a dead world? Do you realise that if first 100 players make a one man alliance they get to be in top 5.
  4. ha ha ha tricks are 4 kids

    Addicted since phi, don't remember which year was it though...
  5. Newspaper ISSUE 1 ~ The Weekly Pagasae ~

    Thanks bud. We have some great players and we deffinitly aren't scared of any challenge :)
  6. Newspaper ISSUE 1 ~ The Weekly Pagasae ~

    Bud.... No Brakes in this world is NOT the original No Brakes from Golgi, that should be clear.
  7. Can I join?

    Oh Nisa that wasnt particuraly nice. This guy is after all a new player, gotta learn the game either way... You should contact support about the issue, they may reply in a week or 2 ;)
  8. Spectral Voices

    Ohh guess what, Eriks post just got deleted. Dont tell me I didnt expect that lol. I have psychic powers it seems!
  9. Spectral Voices

    Ohhh now Musks noobs are turning this against us. Yes of course we couldnt handle the pressure. No1 all. (No1 rank, def,off, overall) was simply too much for us. I think we have a new milestone. Winners of GOLGI: - No Brakes - No Speed Limit About the rest, you can do what you do the best...
  10. Pnp Truth vs Lies

    Good job! Cuddly Cuddlers exposed. *cant +rep you again right now :(
  11. The First real war of Golgi

    "Pelly Kroud" is a harmless little girl. Cant do much but talk :")
  12. ⬆️ The Player Above ⬆️

    It just disappeared :O I liked the post, very nice read...
  13. ⬆️ The Player Above ⬆️

    Very nice!
  14. Top 12 Sink or Swim?

    Musks on 3rd place. Congrats. :")
  15. New God Discussion Thread

    LOL! I like that. Saddly its the 1st April :( hahahahahaha aadding dinosaurus to Ancient Greece, not retarded at all