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    Top 12 Top 12 Alliances

    Good Top Ten! Being in #2, I can agree to most if not all!!! EN is dominating but the world isn't over yet!
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    SotW Season 4 Discussion

    Sent Hopefully there are many others joining back into this...
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    Newspaper Apollonia Times Second Issue

    Great job here again! Looking forward to future issues!
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    Pnp The Saboteur strikes again... and again=)

    I don't see a difference in new members quitting because of this or after building their city up and quitting because some "elite" player just took his city. People put too much emotion into this game, which is why I laugh when I see someone post in a support thread in all caps "I NEED...
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    SotW Season 4 Discussion

    Okay then nevermind Is everything alright, any word on whats happening here?
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    SotW Season 4 Discussion

    NVM then
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    SotW Season 4 Discussion

    Did we lose our mod for this?
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    Newspaper Apollonia Times

    Does this mean we are going to have a gossip section too? Maybe a comics/funny section as well? And I do love the idea of a sunshine girl!!!
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    Hi Everybody

    Good job on these, look forward to seeing more!
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    Do you two want to go get a room together? You know...somewhere else....not here!
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    Thunder...Thunder...THUNDERCATS Hooooooooooooooooooooooo! Come on now, who doesn't love the Thundercats?!?! Well as long as you are old enough to remember and watch it! Im starting a new alliance in the North East called... ...wait for it... ...wait for it...
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    SotW Season 4 Discussion

    Even the newest of people can be great artists, heck, Im sure there are plenty of people who started 5 minutes ago that are better then I!!! LOL And I have been doing it for years!
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    Guess Who Posts Next?

    Nope, Ill go with VTW
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    Newspaper The Myonia Tribune- Next Generation

    It happens quite a bit from what I can tell, when 1 alliance is a clear cut number 1 . I think it was en4 where it was "The Huns" vs a coalition of other alliances, which was fun as I was in LOC at the time. Ahhh good Will it be too little too late for Wargasm? as they had a big...