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    First Thoughts

    Just joined this world today, looks like I've missed quite a lot... game looks so weird now :P
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    Top 12 Sink or Swim?

    Decent sink or swim you got there +1 rep
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    Top 12 Alliances Sink or Swim

    Last time I played this game was almost a year ago... missed it all I guess! Time to have fun again :)
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    Milestones World Rhammus

    I lost track of the Milestones, sorry XD
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    venomous vermin

    I'd never thought this day would ever come! :cool: Edit: Damn it Briar, you beat me to it haha
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    Top 12 Alliances

    It's not just a marathon. Tsunami are not doing as well as Envenom in BP at the moment. No matter what the excuse is, they will be slacking behind Envenom. At this stage, More BP = More CP = More Cities = :cool: However, I do believe that their tight locations will significantly benefit them...
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    Trash Talking Thread~EN 82 Taras

    I think they are offensive units, why don't you send some to my city to try it out? :P
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    5 cities before BP ending...? That's just di$gu$ting :P
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    Top 12 Top 12 Sink or Swim

    Here's a fact... Danish Support Division mass recruit players and then kicks out some players without any notices/reasons (including me). Since I've been kicked out and I'm surrounded by Danish Support Division members, there is no hope for me :( RIP Madbanshee
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    Who will kill O Orador First

    I am disgusted to have been part of THE GANG for a few days. One thing that p*ssed me off was the bad grammar used in the mass mail messages and alliance forum. I know that's not a big issue but I just couldn't handle how bad it was. I kept receiving demands by the leaders as if I was their...
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    Picnic Bunnies

    I'd love to join you, only if that's all good for ya. I'm a bit rusty but I started en80 today only to prepare for this upcoming world :P
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    EN 81 player line up

    I'll probably end up joining... I've got nothing else to do haha
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    Premade - Next Conquest Server

    Hey Bond, long time... good luck ;) You'll probably see me in this upcoming world but haven't got a clue which flag I will be under yet.
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    Resources for Conquest research does not show

    Thanks, it worked :)
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    Unable to research/click on Conquest

    For some reason, it's not letting me highlight the Conquest research in the Academy even if I have it on level 30+ on my cities. This means that on one of my cities that doesn't have Conquest yet wouldn't be researchable for myself. Anyone else having this issue and have the solution?