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  1. Closing world conditions

    pergamum plans to keep fighting until the end of delta then after that who knows
  2. Pergamum

    glad we meet your expectations. its good to finally have a worthy foe
  3. Need Names For People Against 2.0

    mcpicky im against 2.0 probably spend between £30-£50 a year
  4. The Phoenix Legion

    i would imagine it will last longer than the foundation. oh and thanks for the invite by the way but i will be staying with DOA
  5. TBHC VS EotD, Harbs, their Training alliances and allies

    philney why must you insult people. did i insult you personally with my post no i shared my opinions from what i have seen on the battle field firstly the first waves of attacks and support were launched from 60+ hours. (if i saw attacks and support coming at one city i would know a cs is...
  6. TBHC VS EotD, Harbs, their Training alliances and allies

    Lets get back to the war here who cares about names of the enemy or so on. honestly so far i have been unimpressed with harbs as a foe, do you guys support each other or help out smaller individals in your alliance. we currently have a city under conquest in ocean 58 which is heavy harb...
  7. football fans

    portsmouth f.c all the way
  8. Has everybody still got there 1st city

    i lost my very first city to the huns at a time when i only had the one city in the early days of delta. i think sixty now owns my first city. since i restarted thou i have kept my orginal city and still cherish it
  9. Fair fights - one on one

    if any small alliance in the east wants take on myself, scjr04, and anupaladbhi let badnight know. could do with some action down here ;)