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    Top 12 Alliances of Methone

    Not that ive noticed. Do not see a problem with what you did but maybe a thread you open yourself would have increased your chances and the others off your back. Welcome back to Grepo. Only returned myself after a leave of absence for my daughters birth and made it till she turned two.
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    Top 12 Sober or hungover

    Why waste time that could be used elsewhere. Never seen such a dead server external. Even worse it's the first i had to experience upon my return to Grepo after a leave of abscense. Curious as to why the creation of Grepos first posthumous child. Might it be the speed of the world or an...
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    FF good to see you are still around. Two years away and so many names disappeared.
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    Maybe not on externals but what about in the game perhaps?
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    Rate the Player Above

    zeuskiller98 Points: 1/10 BP: 3/10 Alliance: 5/10 Position: 6/10 Name: 5/10 Reputation : 2/10 - don't know you as a player, although i see you did Chi with me. Total : 22/60
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    But why would Cox just call him that, i'm sure he deserved it in some way or form?
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    No only the king of attack and cancel Well in my view, someone who did this deserves a hit back at them. Just my thoughts
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    Really don't hope so
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    Newspaper Dion Global Issue IV

    Good luck with your endeavours waiting, i'll try and take over from you, if that's ok. Always wanted to try a newspaper.
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    Anyone having a problem with grepointel as well? Down for a few days now.
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    New guy on island 303 706

    Hello randburg, hope you doing well, havent heard from you in awhile. Guess ill have to whatsapp you;)
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    Answered buffing sup units with Phalanx/Ram/commander ?

    Interesting, forgot about that. Thank you for the refresh;)
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    6 Nations

    I love rugby
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    A Public Message to the Leaders of OCEANS VETERANS

    Shame, and i had thought that some would have grown up by now. Guess i'll wait a bit more;)
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    A Public Message to the Leaders of OCEANS VETERANS

    Might be the same for Daz.