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    Top 12 What about Justice?

    Hellou everyone Some of you maybe know me some not I've played in many worlds and I just came to have a look on this world and BOOM ... I see a kit of best players in some worlds all together in one alliance its name was ZERO FOX GIVEN Whats that, you guys dont like Competition or what? :(...
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    Top 12 Alliances of Zancle

    Now a have a question everyone - T This alliance ' ...... ' now, really? Isnt there a name from millions just some points? It seems to me like pis*ing or po*ping and you can't say a thing just ' .... ' . Weird!(SW)
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    Top 12 Vermin, do you even have dignity?

    I can't believe there's still an alliance ranked 3 in a world that boasts itself even for WW or who knows .. and takes a refuge just under attacks and protects it? Now, who does that? Well, Vermin does it. We attacked player sylwka90 and now we see Vermin on her fleg .. c'mon@ I...
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    Tsunami aka ?

    Just was amazed with all the good players I found there dude no Panic O'Bama is President.
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    Tsunami aka ?

    Man I am ( will consider now ) about joining this world for some fun but hey.. Got in the TSUNAMI alliance and : Just amazing. Too many Legends of this game in one Ally OK I would include here Dawson who is else part of this world. ;) Have fun everyone
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    Again ..

    To be true, we all played in many worlds and were in many alliances and we all know when the world reaches a deeper stage we can't have more than 30 to max 40 high active players and if they are active enough in the world you mentioned they can't really handle a 2nd one. If a premade - you...
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    April Fools day surely
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    Again ..

    To me it seems everytime it's happening kinda the same There's always a BIG MRA who invites every 175pts player who joins the world early then no place for all they make their academies 1 no surprise if 2 of them then everyone is after them and they fall after 2 max. 3 days after BP...
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    Top 12 top players

    Lol - no mate I didn't mean it that way or Im a I-know-everything it's just my opinion anyway
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    Top 12 top players

    Robbyn is one of the best players I've played with. Always there to help in Att or Def in the first sheet on point ranks, BP and Att most. We all know all this. No others words can be said.
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    Milestones of Cythera

    Fadiga first to 500k total BP
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    Christmas Event 2013 Discussion Thread

    The old version was much better.
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    Share your dumb pms!

    A secret? Not for everyone though
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    Choose Your Settings!

    We know where, but we don't know when.
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    Where is Helorus!

    Ouchh... :$