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  1. Gold Complains

    Imagine if all you gold users pooled your money together and bought Inno games.. Damn player owned business, ez clap.
  2. Ban Gold the 1st 7 days at a World start!

    I know you all want grep to live forever, but just accept it, it is dying and you can tell it is on life support when they drop all these money snatch packages. People just don't like games that require long term committal... Just look at any game ever and watch the player base for 13 years...
  3. 4 Alliance invites already

    I'm solo lol, the alliance I was in Ghosted before anyone could actually form connections. Solo works for now, still a few days of disbanding and making a new alliance, so my guess is half of these will be pretending they are a different alliance soon enough. Gotta say, the alliance names are...
  4. Trapesuz - Live Reporting

    You do you I guess, I recommend playing less worlds and instead of dividing your time between them you pick 1 to play. And your answer is a nonanswer... The point was that this world isn't worth your time investment anymore. The world is certainly won by SUGO and there is no reality where that...
  5. 4 Alliance invites already

    Make your own? 4 is not nearly enough lol
  6. Trapesuz - Live Reporting

    Why? World is over and will close in a month~ Save yourself time and go play a different world.
  7. What Did Kill This Server

    OOF... Since when did YG try to merge with Immortals?
  8. What Did Kill This Server

    One thing to keep in mind tho, if all the cities are similar tt, you can time them all and if u fail, u just recall and try again and repeat till you same second enough to land and hold. Really just takes patience and practice. When I started this world I probably would have screamed bot at...
  9. What Did Kill This Server

    All that matters is the variance from launch time, so it is still 21 seconds. You could just sign up for a class on timing and see it first hand now that you have ghosted.... Same to you @willsik .... If that is evidence enough that bots are involved then you would be mighty impressed at what is...
  10. What Did Kill This Server

    How well do you know numbers? With every attack or support sent there is a +/- 10 second antitimer, so a total of 21 seconds..... Right? Yup Math doesnt work exactly this was you you could land on same second multiple times, but just to give the idea..... Each attempt is essentially a 5%...
  11. World Update: Chaos Ensues

    Good Game, world is over before dom even starts, wished for a tougher fight, but excited to get back to my real life, lol.
  12. Speed World

    Not gonna get new players in if you force them to play vs golders. What is left of the old crews are those that gold or play with golders. Obviously this doesnt net a huge income boost for inno.... That is not the point. Sure they are down some money for a bit, but the chances the world allows...
  13. Speed World

    What BLG said. What do they have to lose by making a small effort to attract new players and prolong the income?
  14. The Training Team

    Give it one more week and this alliance will be all the best players pooling together to coach a few noobs. Not the other way around like intended, lol.
  15. World Update: Chaos Ensues

    We did fight with them for a while.