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  1. Pnp Island [island]180010[/island]

    So are you suggesting the whole world make an agreement to work together against this alleged cartel? That sounds an awful lot like mass hugging if you ask me. :eek:
  2. Pnp Island [island]180010[/island]

    If you are not careful? Makes it sound like you could in some way stop that from happening. Well I wish you luck in being careful enough to avoid that!
  3. Proposal Mythical Units in Event Shops - New System

    I like the idea. What about making the store options change daily, so that throughout the event, you have the opportunity to get all the myths, but on any given day, you can only get 1 from each category? So one day you can get Harpies and the next day you can get Mantis.
  4. Gold Exchange Feedback Thread

    Ok, so this update has made it possible for someone to make a lot of gold if they are constantly refreshing, but there is very little gold to be found for casual traders. None of us are getting any trades as he fills the market the second anything gets bought. I now truly believe that 20bucks is...
  5. Gold Exchange Feedback Thread

    This is a gold transfer system. In order for players to get gold, there needs to be players willing to give gold. Players out there are giving gold, especially in Side, so it makes sense that some people are getting gold. It is quite possible that you are the only one making gold though...
  6. Gold Exchange Feedback Thread

    I'm really surprised so many people say they had to give extra res. I have never had to send anything above what I put in the market. The few times I've offered, I'm been completely ignored, so I stopped offering and just used the market. Of course you're going to have to work for gold. In the...
  7. Gold Exchange Feedback Thread

    Just realized that from the perspective of buying resources, there is no longer a way to specify that your gold can only go to members of your alliance, pacts, or non-enemies. Unless you tell your friends to go pick up that gold asap, anybody could grab it. Even if you tell your friends, there's...
  8. Gold Exchange Feedback Thread

    I'm curious to know if you are using the system to buy or sell resources? Also, what do you like about it? From the perspective of selling resources, it appears as though this is going to be a lot more work for us to keep constantly checking to see if there is space available to send as all...
  9. Gold Exchange Feedback Thread

    It is still possible for 2 players to sort of trade directly if they both get cities in a far away ocean with no other players. Certainly not as easy as before, but still doable.
  10. Question Wonded Heroes and Their Abilities

    I know that if Helen is wounded, she still reduces the revolt/conquest time
  11. Petition: End Constant Morale Worlds On Conquest

    People don't even have to be against morale in order to sign. I don't have a strong opinion of morale either way, but I recognize that there should be a choice for those who do. I signed because I think that choice is important, not because I want to play non-morale worlds.
  12. Grepoelves Invasion Feedback Thread

    hahahaha that is just soooooo funny, you are so witty as for the grepoelves, it was obviously an April Fools' Day joke, but still a bit of fun
  13. Petition: End Constant Morale Worlds On Conquest

    I'll sign as well. Those who despise morale should have the option to play without every so often. My first world didn't have morale, and somehow I got through and stuck around.
  14. iPhone app can’t login unless on WiFi

    Check your phone settings to make sure you have enabled cellular data for grepolis
  15. Report when Culture point generated in city where Orpheus is hero

    I have enough trouble with my love/hate relationship with Democritus... It's best if I just leave Orpheus in peace to quietly double some of my culture points without me every questioning whether or not he is earning his keep in my city. I figure it's best if I just don't know. That way, I just...