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  1. New world Georgious discussion thread.

    We need more fast worlds with no morale. Who even comes up with these.
  2. Changes to Zeus rage & Sea Storm

    Just like your need for attention.
  3. Trash Talk

    Event almost over we will see how big everyone is without those flyer ;)
  4. Changes to Zeus rage & Sea Storm

    Now when you explain it like that it makes sense. So the unit with the highest population has the most chance of getting hit got it.
  5. Changes to Zeus rage & Sea Storm

    Yeah Zeus Rage is op now, never remember it being that strong. Makes no sense why the catapults always die first not to mention when youd don't send them it's either my mythical units go or I just loose half my force I sent. Don't get me started with Sea Storm, sent a CS with a ton of LS and for...
  6. Top 12 Sink and Swim Series by MeI

    For The Horde!
  7. Elephant in the Room

    Nah bro I think you can't handle the truth. I can sit here and complain about how Simmer Farmers collapsed due to our top guys joining JFL and 1 of them allegedly being a JFL spy. No one will care lol which is why I'm going to make sure the name MookFamous gives them nightmares. Lmaooo bro you...
  8. Elephant in the Room

    Zen my brother, I think you should stay away from the externals a bit and just rim everyone in game. No matter what the situation was, no one will listen until you start knocking some sense into people.
  9. The Game is Dead

    Gold is not just the main issue because at the end of the day the gold is not going nowhere and I highly doubt Inno would put a limit on gold use on players. I think the problem is that we have some players who just don't have no backbone and would just rather hug with everyone or just simply...
  10. Trash Talk

    Join us! We are not even a premade either.
  11. Elephant in the Room

    You and XUNGA can join us farmers, you will love it here
  12. Elephant in the Room

    Fell apart like many other alliances will.
  13. Trash Talk

    Whatever happened to having 1 alliance and calling it day. Now a days everyone needs 100 brother/sister alliances, I don't like it personally. But that's grep for ya lol
  14. Top 5 & World Prediction

    Naughty North for the win, you heard it here first
  15. Ban Gold the 1st 7 days at a World start!

    Like they said in the movie Scarface, "never underestimate the next man's greed."