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  1. Milestones The Battle of EN110, Leontini

    that's what im sayin...
  2. Top 12 Sink or Swim?

    that is literally the fattest lie I have ever heard.. You have players in harpoon that support your cities and even had a player in the council who then left and handed of his cities to bloods.
  3. Top 12 Sink or Swim?

    Spit the truth
  4. Top 12 Sink or Swim?

    saying they aren't shy of using gold is a massive understatement
  5. Competition Wars of Byblos 2.0

    "broke apart" interesting on how you say broke apart. We ghosted and decided to leave because we were sick of botters and multi-account abusers , that wasnt after players like bole and Nero just sent us messages about how we should stop spamming but when we recieve 200-300 attacks a day on each...
  6. Tyche's Advent Calendar 2017 Discussion Thread

    This event is literally the definition of a money hungry company..
  7. Top 12 sink or swim 2.0

    >Implying the moderators actually do anything lul

    And yet, You still lose wars against a group of 40'ish players
  9. Top 12 sink or swim 2.0

    We dont have a sister alliance :P the savage mega group is losing badly..
  10. Top 12 sink or swim 2.0

    aye.. and you have one to many cm's
  11. Top 12 sink or swim 2.0

    1) - No one is mocking you 2) - saying that isnt gonna make me sympathetic 3) - No one should go through the pain of losing a family relative. 4) - If you weren't "active" much, You chatted a whole lot of bs on externals in whatever free time you got lol
  12. Top 12 sink or swim 2.0

    Can you read? "i hear you always say that your here to fight" is what i said, not something about winning, although with you its a common thing to say "im here to fight". Surely by "fight", that involves BP right? . You literally didnt do anything in Nagidos, You were more of a mascot than...
  13. Top 12 sink or swim 2.0

    So what happened to the discussions with bloods, then to just turn your back on them when you merge with TINAD i hear you always say that your here to fight.. but i went inactive in Nag for a good 2 months. Came back, still had more BP than you You are all bark and no bite
  14. Ask a Leader of Savage anything

    Can we go back to how HE was criticising witch for playing dirty.. Merging and pacting with every alliance nearby is what? Playing like very clean mouthwash?
  15. Ask a Leader of Savage anything

    Unblock me in game, some discussions need to be made