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    Top 12 TOP 12 SINK OR SWIM

    A top 12...what is this madness
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    Who will help feed Pushty?

    Poor pushy
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    Am I turning into a spammer?

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    Top 12 Sink or Swim

    Interesting server....
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    I didn't realise you ever got the hang of the game....
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    Congrats Dark Wolves

    Not likely.... Cheers....busy busy
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    What have I missed?

    A wild swarren appears.....
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    Q&A For All!

    She might if you didn't have a big donkey... Hehawww
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    Congrats Dark Wolves

    Nicely done lads....sorry I didn't see it out.
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    Tom you have a way with words :D
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    Top 12 Alliances

    Nice top 12 Hooli So many home truths about some of the top 12 alliances but I will be nice...
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    Alliance Stories.

    It will be fun alright. What would be really be interesting if dw joined the same server as project venom.
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    Important Competition Time

    Come on people who's interested?
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    Important Competition Time

    With no entries it seems that this is canceled.
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    Alliance Stories.

    To be honest fella all points made by pawn are indeed correct. I know first hand as I was part of the deciding along with pawn and talen. You seem to focus on the negative but we played a very smart game and the result speak for themselves.