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    Abdera WW predictions

    Latest Update
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    Top 12 Sink or Swim - Revised!!

    I'm sure they all meant well, just took few cities to keep an eye on gardens while you couldn't. At least now you can do something about it - demand and take all your property back like real Queen. :)
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    Leaders making threats now?

    Maybe revolt time is just coincident.. And message was just low attempt to find (checking with bot who is getting DPs in certain alliance) and scare as much newbies as they can, so they don’t support team mates. :rolleyes:
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    When does the Gold Run out EN?

    Actually it doesn't take any time to build wall to level 4. You can complete all for free (under 5 minutes) with just click. Just have to do it :)
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    New Naji Premade - Here we go Again !

    Me me me! I have lots of experience - playing 2 worlds, have 4 cities and almost 10K pts in total. I would love to lead a Camel if that position is still open. :)
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    Tyches Motivation working intermittently

    Researched Shipwright in academy, and harbor level in both cities same?
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    Doesn't work and cant be saved if you past something in Notes using just mouse :), but it does work if you use keyboard in process too. CTRL+V for example to past, or to type something too - can be just Enter or Tab for new line/space after using just mouse. Try that :) (Using Opera browser)
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    Newspaper War Stats June

    That might be also side effect for wrongly used spies.. Instead to use their info to fight better, its been used for heads-up when to activate VM. :)
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    A pre-made of 5 allainces and 200 players in EN73

    Not sure how cities can be frozen, but might be easier solution if they freeze oceans until global warming melt it.
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    Newspaper Eubea Journal III~A Month Long Story Continues...

    No worries about rep. :) tho I was right first time too.. That same old Joe, he just moved a bit between levels :P
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    Newspaper Eubea Journal III~A Month Long Story Continues...

    Hm.. Then its from lower level Barracks.. This part?
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    Newspaper Eubea Journal III~A Month Long Story Continues...

    Good read! :) The pixel is part of Barracks :)
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    Good players in Eubea

    I wish. I still need to figure out what those funny people I get from quests are for, but I’ll get there too. :)