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    Hello everyone

    Welcome. Be prepared to dive into the mess firsthand
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    Trial of the Slingers Feedback Thread

    Are there any known bugs of players not receiving the community rewards for this event?
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    Compliment Thread

    I think your attempt to expand PG's vocabulary is very thoughtful of you. Helping prepare him for his college entrance exams no doubt...
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    Pre-World Onchesmos Discussion Thread

    35 votes for fast conquest with WW, 35 votes for fast revolt with domination. Why wasn't there another poll to pick a winner between those two? I know no matter what, not everybody will be happy, but this decision really hamstrings the amount of community participation you are allowing.
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    Top 12 sink/swim

    How else will you know what troops you sent?
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    Top 12 Alliances of Methone

    No. You missed the point yet again. I'm calling you out for ruining the game through your attitude. Calling everyone garbage. Calling everyone dead weight. If someone isn't on 24/7, then you immediately call them garbage. You have the time to spam for gold, and then brag about landing on new...
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    Top 12 Alliances of Methone

    He left the group when we noticed his wall, then asked him to tear others down. Nice try though. Props for spreading misinformation. It's people with attitudes like yours that stop this game from growing. Not everyone in the game is experienced. There is always time to build a new crop of...
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    Pre-World Methone Discussion Thread

    Football over already? Teach me how to play and I'll drop with you
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    Sink or swim profiles