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    Whatever your thoughts on JFL they are a whole other league in comparison to T-D-A And my simple point was that’s if he failed with JFL he stands no chance working with the players from T-D-A. As for Charlie... we only take citys because of a golder... Was that not the same golder you asked...
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    He is of no value to T-D-A let him go there we will see... let me say it like this, If he cannot be successful leading a group of experienced active players how do you fancy his chances with a group that attacks sieges with birs? A group that has done nothing but loose city's at least when it...
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    And how should I refer to the charlie? I am pushed to really care enough to try to find a fitting title so in this case yes... anything... let me be clear here your likely to loose many citys, and I dont see what value you can be to an ally like T-D-A you might have been a big boy over there...
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    T-D-A HA HA HA HA HA HA HA You will literally take anything wont you, only to have it taken away by us! Rank 6 Alliance getting slapped by a couple of dudes on the rim I wouldn't go charlie you'll be in no better place.
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    pawc I find it very hard to believe you ever had a "good" server
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    you dont even know do you pawc? are you trying to find one I haven't played? try a slow revolt world!
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    We can talk about any server you want pawc? just name one that works for you?
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    I am going nowhere son, didnt byblos teach you that? I go when the jobs done!
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    LIIES LIES LIES numbers are NEVER the only way! MRA excuse if ever I have seen one, don't paint all rim alliances with that MRA brush
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    :( Why you have to be like that when we in public?
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    OMG its pawcio where you been hiding babe?
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    MRA! I am in! Invite please!
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    Another one?!?
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    Soooo many times