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  1. Academy alliance joke

    56 aint a core. evry world i been in i started in 56 and evry world it was just 1 big eat the rim for fun and quit. latest was on katene, i started to eat o56 with 2 friends and recruited more to help (limited on city slots) as we got around. i did quit when i was done more or less. left...
  2. New Alliance Ranking System?

    another problem is, many elite allainces are kicking members temporary if they are losing a city and invite them Again after the city is lost. that would ruin it too. i am a big fan of your idea but it need alot of Work and i am affraid with the current system there will always be ways to...
  3. Academy alliance joke

    well, i am in 1 of those lame allainces with sisters i kind of agree think its lame. on the other hand it aint any diffrent from being pactd to somone(also think thats lame) so in the end, i preffer option 1. I rather have 1 leader as a tyran then 2 tyrans fighting for the throne and end up...
  4. Top 12 Top 12 Alliances

    yes, some of the veterans get allowed to pay 20% only, others alot more.
  5. 40 Player Alliance Limit (Thoughts??)

    well i somewhat agree on this. on the other hand. making a 2nd or 3rd allaince aint much diffrence of having a pact with a loyal allaince. ofc the fun part of pacts is you never know when they kill you from behind (SW)
  6. Several Command Window Disabled ?

    I can still do 3-4 try's. thre is another way to do it. (legal) but 100% agree with naji. why remove the "skill level" from the game? why not remove any kind of ranking too? if you dont need sklills to be number 1, why even have a ranking system?
  7. Our Favorite Noobs

    I had 1 the other day Noob: Why you attack me Me: its a war game. Noob: i never attacked you Me: yea you dint, someone have to start and i like the free BP u give me Noob: you lost some troops too why you say its free( I was killing slings with sligns :D) Me: yea i suck to this war...
  8. Class or NOT? you decide

    this jason should listen more to the wise man :D
  9. Top 12 Discussion thread

    shee ra was jus trolling about the MRA part :D she is a good girl. our own allaince profile state we are a MRA too :D
  10. Top 12 Discussion thread

    dont want to discuss recruitment in public, and its naji's call. He is our tyran :D but its true. 5 cant carry a team 4ever in a World like this :s it Work first months, then af few people can carry just fine. nice fight!
  11. Top 12 Discussion thread

    "dint you know we used a program for our timings"? lol, people think all grepo converter timings ur enamy link is real? sry about the flyers there got killed. it happneds.. when you see 10 sup 2 sec after CS and you land flyers 3 sec after they are ment to die. what i do Wonder is why some...
  12. Top 12 Discussion thread

    You still bored? i hope you got enough action on ur team m8's now
  13. Pnp 4 CSs failures

    i heard u can buy an invite for a Crown for 25.000 gold, is that true?(if u win ofc) I see its smart way to earn gold for NeXT World :D
  14. Pnp 4 CSs failures

    haha, ofc. its a pnp. thats the entire point of a pnp. we can make a pnp about krypt if you want, i mean you dont know how to? I see you will have a problem with making 1 of ur own tho. Then you woudl have to post first instead of post last. hmm...
  15. Pnp 4 CSs failures

    lol, this guy still here? Dont think he get it(dip)