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  1. trash talk

    I think I made it clear you didn't hurt my feelings Ranga. And you can't. Find your own to trash talk. Stay safe. "Hope" you don't get The Rona.
  2. trash talk

    Jokes on you, I'm clinically depressed and DO hate myself, but I still hate you more
  3. trash talk

    I like people that actually play the game
  4. trash talk

    I'm just gonna put this out there... I like all three toons WAY more than I like Ranga
  5. trash talk

    You would know, stalker.
  6. trash talk

    And if you want to play this game..... You've had two tries to interpret my first post and still haven't gotten it. Comprehension is your problem. Maybe your 3rd time will be lucky? Gal will hopefully be able to explain. Now THAT'S how that should be said.
  7. trash talk

    What exactly am I supposed to be interpreting? Your sad life? I think that's clear to all of us.
  8. trash talk

    My grammar is fine? If you want to hurt my feelings, try harder. At least I'm not an illiterate lurker.
  9. trash talk

    This thread has become less "TF vs. Toons" and more "TF vs. pathetic stalkers with nothing better to do."
  10. trash talk

    250 reports later and not only did he not lose a city, but uhhh.... he wasn't even revolted. Go off ranga, it's cute
  11. trash talk

    And enjoy your lurking. Hope we got you hard enough, since that seems to be the only thing you use Grep for these days
  12. trash talk

    Oh, so you're just here because you have nothing better to do? Much less sad. Really.
  13. trash talk

    Remember when misgendering was an insult? How cute coming from a rep of the site. Who's moderating the moderators?
  14. trash talk

    And what world world are you actually playing right now? So sad. Keep moderating.
  15. trash talk

    Like you can talk dear. Show me your big boy pants and maybe we'll give a ****.