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  1. Trash Talk

    Hi, Im Pericles.
  2. Top 12 Sink or Swim?

    MOD , please dont delete this thread, i really enjoy reading all this hehe. keep on guys, i want to know more stuff
  3. Answers, reasons, and actions

    hahaha, what should that mean Nisa ? :P
  4. Answers, reasons, and actions

    If i did understand all that here is my opinion . Its not about the city. the player who didnt empty the city so that your CS can land safely is a real jerk, and he needs to be punished for that. But you shouldnt contact the enemy that you wouldnt ghost so that they can take your cities. You...
  5. Top 12 Sink or Swim?

    Really confusing ...
  6. ⬆️ The Player Above ⬆️

    hahaha oh well then Total points : 44/60
  7. ⬆️ The Player Above ⬆️

    Name : oswinnorbert 2/10 Past Experience: none 3/10 Points: Nooby 6/10 good points in a dead alliance Alliance: Hopper 2/10 even 2 is excellent ABP: Too nice 7/10 big points considering the alliance DBP: Too Nice 4/10 Total: 24/60
  8. ⬆️ The Player Above ⬆️

    Name : destroxxi 9/10 cool name Past Experience: 9/10 good player Points: 10/10 nice Alliance: 8/10 good alliance with many familiar players ABP: 8/10 good position for abp DBP: 8/10 also a good position Total 52/60
  9. Speed 1 and Gold

    cman, you all need to be honest. Speed 1 is so boring, with or without needing skill to play at this speed. its a good server, alot of good players. but the building time for the troops and building is so slow, its just killing me
  10. Rate the player above

    Points- 4/10 ABP- 4/10 DBP- 4/10 Alliance- 3/10 Total= 15/40 sorry mate for those weak points, but it is how it is. hope it will change
  11. Pnp The legend is back, so is the fan club!

    I need to ask you mate , does somebody pay you for talking so much BS in this forum ? You were funny at the start, but now you are just boring.
  12. is penaldo a spy

    haha penaldo you are so pathetic , quit grepolis and play something else , like solitaire
  13. What a shame

    Ive played against The syndicate players in Sinope, they are really good and active players, but they are playing dirty , with many spies and they will troll this forum as much as they can
  14. Pre-World Emporion [EN88] Discussion Thread

    good settings, see you guys in there