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  1. Trash Talk

    You know the old saying, if you cant beat em... Join forces to delay you're inevitable 2nd place i guess? lol
  2. Milestones Of Byllis

    Well done mate :D
  3. Top 12 Alliances Sink like an anchor or Swim like a Otter

    My friend you threatened me on the 6th day of the world saying you would attack 'Pink Fluffy Bunnies' if we did not merge into you, you're just a massive MRA :D
  4. Bp ending

    hehehe... I only speak in facts ;)
  5. Bp ending

    We'll be number one of course raf :D
  6. Top 12 Alliances Sink or Swim

    I've always thought unknown seem to be a group of great players, and to me them recruiting refugees doesn't change that
  7. Top 12 Alliances Sink or Swim

    Multiple members from SL have surrendered and decided to join Order of Prometheus. Another win ;)