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  1. THERE IS ONLY ONE RIMLORD and only one hope for EN

    What ever happened to this witchhuntergeneral chick?
  2. am i a sore loser or is this cheating?

    Why do you think I left the name out and whited out all identifying information? Discussing the mechanics of this is related to the possible cheating. By discussing how this works we can decide if we need to report this guy for cheating or not. I need to know if we need to start reporting...
  3. am i a sore loser or is this cheating?

    How do you practice something that is random? As far as sending attacks and recalling. I have watched the same player that took this one take one of mine. When an attack comes in it shows and then it is reversed. And goes away. Not to mention my phone shows the attack and it stays...
  4. am i a sore loser or is this cheating?

    Kinda curious. but maybe I am a sore loser. lol I dont use gold much on this game so I get it might be the attack planner. BUT From those I talk to that do us the planner, the randomizer for the time should not allow this. I have tried time and time again to get just 2-3 attacks to hit...
  5. Revolt Guide discussion

    \ no my guys come back too. Its the damn culture points. I have 4 of 9. I see how this works. Dang.
  6. Revolt Guide discussion

    sorry I am not getting this. I used 3 CP to build a CS. Do I need more points to actually land my CS and take another city? I cleared a city, and sent my colony ship in the 2nd part of the 12 hour revolt but all it does is send the ship back.