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  1. Who is decent?

    While I can not say who will shape to be a good or decent alliance. I can say who most certainly is not, due to sending out blind invites.
  2. An Unexpected Occurrence

    I will concur,,,with BP still is effect Baudin is certainly one of if not the best simmer in this world.:)
  3. Top 12 Alliances 13-24

    One thing to must know, the 'leave alliance" button is in the allianance tab, under "properties".
  4. Top 12 Alliances 13-24

    Now tell me you did not just make an account to just post this...
  5. PMB vs Infectious

    Kum ba yah, my lord, Kum ba yah!
  6. Top 12 Alliances of the Future

    Well I have it on good authority, that whole world is pacted and we are just supposed to sim this world. But don't tell anyone. You know the guy who told me,,, he has an uncle that has a friend that works for Inno....
  7. Deathwish's Death-pool

    Got to give DW credit,, he showed up for world opening... Better than some. ;)
  8. Newspaper Politics Weekly: Issue 001

    LOL,, I forget is animal or human sacrifice to appease him???
  9. Newspaper Politics Weekly: Issue 001

    For saying what to google...
  10. Pre-World Cythera Discussion Thread

    One more announcement needed,,, world open.
  11. Infectious (EN68)

    Wimin have been DW's downfall in the past. LOL
  12. Infectious (EN68)

    We have a plan,,,there will be no wimin issues once the mail goes out...:cool:
  13. Pre-World Cythera Discussion Thread

    An extra week to get the setting right would be worthwhile,,,IMHO
  14. Infectious (EN68)

    Hummmm, "D" would be the next world.... Deathinox ???
  15. Infectious (EN68)

    Always looking for a challenge, time to drop the part time worlds and have some fun again!