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  1. App not working while using mobile data.

    Did you buy your phone from giffgaf?
  2. Welcome to Olympus - watch the video

    Why is it cq :(
  3. Top 12 Top 10 Alliances

    I guess you could say they skewered them :).
  4. Question change name

    How is TZ FKR a real name. Sounds sus to me
  5. How is this possible?

    Yeah, but as hydna said, it would be extremely hard for it to be regulated. If you could come up with a viable solution then I’d be all for it, but at the moment I don’t see a rule change
  6. How is this possible?

    Ok, I’m not a cq player but we have the same issues in revolt. Even hydna or baudin said something about trying to fix it in a separate thread. First off, bp boosting is not an illegal game cheating way. It is generally looked down as a scummy way to win/get bp. Secondly, the people who are...
  7. Remove Instant Build/Training

    Kekw, gimme link and I’ll do it
  8. Remove Instant Build/Training

    Even I could take a city off bloods
  9. Remove Instant Build/Training

    I’m worse than bloods players and even I know how to FF
  10. Anti timer discussion

    To be precise it is 0.04619273843
  11. Mobile app not working?

    Cleared cache and still doesn't work. All other phone apps work fine
  12. Looking to Join EN 127 Olympus world Pre-made
  13. Looking to Join EN 127 Olympus world Pre-made

    Have you heard of the legend where Big Papa takes down a whole alliance in under 24 hours with just one forum thread?
  14. Looking to Join EN 127 Olympus world Pre-made

    O, my mistake. But big papa would be a great addition to any team