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  1. Newspaper Amisos News - February!

    Looking great man, keep up the good work! Better than the last couple of ones, which says a lot
  2. Newspaper Amisos-December Update/2017 Year Recap

    Very few statements in your post were wrong, which is a lot less than usual newspapers! I like your work mate, keep doing it! ;)
  3. Advanced -- Graphic Design by Xtcmax --

    Thanks Max, looks great!
  4. Advanced -- Graphic Design by Xtcmax --

    If you don't mind, my fellow alliance mates and I would like a COA for our alliance as well. Name: Nymeria Picture: a pack of direwolves or wolves, well you get the jist Size max. 240x180 pixels, max. 180 KBytes Color scheme: Dark colors Hope you don;t mind me asking for one right after the...
  5. Advanced -- Graphic Design by Xtcmax --

    Thanks mate! It looks great!
  6. Advanced -- Graphic Design by Xtcmax --

    Not specifically mate, it's totally up to you!
  7. Advanced -- Graphic Design by Xtcmax --

    Hey max, hope you're well.. I was hoping you could make me a personal coat of arms. I would like a red with black theme, picturing a king of some sorts. Make it look epic please, as I know you always do;) max. dimensions: 240x180 pixels Thanks!
  8. Amisos Predictions Chapter 1

    Mel has quit the game, which is a real shame. I was hoping for another predictions list soon enough, a more detailed one perhaps with a bit more insight. You're welcome to do one mate.
  9. Newspaper Amisos - November Update

    Nice one mate, good job! Glad to have helped:)
  10. Newspaper Amisos Chronicles Issue Five

    Nice one, maybe next time a description of the alliances like in previous issues? Or interviews around the map? War stats of the bigger wars? I like that a lot. Lucky number 7 might bring me some good
  11. Newspaper Amisos Chronicles Issue Four

    Lol Epimondis, I'd wish it were true but unfortunately just like my friend Damienni, I also didn't know any of these people when I started in the world. This is something that came through strategical thinking and I guess it's evident this strategy has worked. The top 3 alliances are these 3...
  12. Amisos Predictions Chapter 1

    Will do, looking forward to it already
  13. Newspaper Amisos Chronicles Issue Four

    Good read mate, I'll take 16
  14. Amisos Predictions Chapter 1

    Anyone gonna do a new one of these?
  15. Inactive Topic Gods and their troops

    You could just put said cities in city groups right? IE like you put all your LS cities for a certain area or as a total in a city group, you could just put all you cities with pegasi in a group called something like Athena-DLU or Pegasi