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  1. Trash Talk

    Yes the player who deletes forums cause they don't like how a siege is posted is very trustworthy indeed. Imagine being so petty sigh. It is what it is Ig, will be sure to remember how you sabotaged us from now onward.
  2. Trash Talk

    Loads of false statements there but i won't say anything about their pact situation just that I stand by my words about no pacts. Also Perseus from HH is above charlie in the event rn lol Also 3-0 to an inactive player that never posted their sieges no doubt otherwise they'd have lost those...
  3. Trash Talk

    Now hold up what are you even talking about, I wanted war with UWU, so where are you getting this info from? You'd make it big as a fantasy writer with all these falsified claims. Every alliance I wanted war with was shut down by leaders with a pact. I was against the coalition from the start...
  4. Trash Talk

    Lmfao, did you just call me a JFL spy? May i see your proof as I am taken aback by these baseless claims. If this is due to my leaving simmers and joining JFL then perhaps you should get all the facts before embarrassing yourself on externals. Simmer Farmers had a lot of great people, they were...
  5. top 12 sink or swim

    Oh wow people still do these?