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    you only got that one meme? Maybe ask your grandkid for some more, the variety is bad and that's a rule that people generally know about ;)
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    Endgame endgame endgame, gold gold gold, bots bots bots People talk about the same BS all the time, winning a crown no matter what no matter how, I wish there was a world without any endgame, just for the fun of fighting, all strategies aside just good ol' shootoff until people get bored and...
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    The Peoples Champs are gonna sink eventually... Really got a bad start against SN for sure
  5. New World

    Why'd you ghost on the last one? Speed 6 is great no matter what
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    maybe lethal from BS?
  7. New form of Conquest through land alone: Settler Convoy

    I have another question about it. As we all know, right now you need to send ships and land units with a CS and have to destroy all units in city in order to get in (unless you launch with hydra and there's Fireships in harbour), by that SC (funny how the abbreviation is backwards lol) you...
  8. Polemarch - a new (elite) land unit

    No I don't get it, the cities I build hops in don't stay with Barracks lvl 1, if you'd actually know how to succesfully play this game. A required level of a building is just s low of a criteria as it gets. All cities I build OLU/DLU in have the barracks at least at lvl 20, so why bother...
  9. New form of Conquest through land alone: Settler Convoy

    this would really change tactics tho lol, otherwise 100% agreeing with you
  10. Polemarch - a new (elite) land unit

    A creative person? I'm just giving my thoughts to your ideas. And your idea has a different name for each casual land unit that is already existing, trying to make a totally OP one for each. And to repeat emphasize my edit from my former post: Even in cities that I build hops in, I build all...
  11. New form of Conquest through land alone: Settler Convoy

    why would you send both? You can't 2 CS within one attack, why would you be able to send those two units at the same time? Otherwise I do like the idea
  12. Polemarch - a new (elite) land unit

    Do you even play this game? Slightly higher requirements won't make those units completely overpowered compared to the old ones. And if they would be even, what would be the point in creating them? It would be more useful and challenging if there would be a new kind of fighting styles, besides...
  13. Polemarch - a new (elite) land unit

    I'm not doubting the historic part of your troops, but what you're suggesting is basically replacing the troops we have with more OP ones. It just takes the balance out of the game, that is what I'm trying to say. With the troops you suggested, Hops, Slingers and Horses would be completely...