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  1. Top 12 sink/swim

    spam is spam is spam
  2. Top 12 sink/swim

    no matter what the amount is, if someone has 15+ incomings at all times of the day, you are spamming. Come on man you should know better
  3. Top 12 sink/swim

    hatters the spam gods. That's not how you play grep
  4. Top 12 sink/swim

    I'd just like it to be known, that all cities lost to hatters from simbom are people that got internalized lol. G0B0 pokes people every now and then but other than that, nothing.
  5. Top 12 sink/swim

    Shh, I mean, Simbom!
  6. Top 12 sink/swim

    It's fun to have full Simbom until you actually want to start trying lol
  7. Top 12 sink/swim

  8. How long with PG last?

    25 simbom
  9. bugga bugga

  10. Top 12 Alliances of Methone

  11. bugga bugga

  12. Top 12 Alliances of Methone

  13. Top 12 Alliances of Methone