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    Top 12 Sink and Swim Series by Evil MeIinoe

    nice read @Evil MeIinoe .. the world is shaping up nicely
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    Top 5 & World Prediction

    disagree. i think they are the dark horse, with the speed setting I don't see many players sticking around this world for a 1+ yr commitment except Bloods.
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    Pre-World Elasa Discussion Thread

    i believe its a must to have on WWs, given the amount of colonization required on rocks
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    Top 12

    Pirates with 3 alliance already? They got some decent players but shame with this MRA mentality they gonna be eaten right out of BP.. trim down and give this server some competition @Evil MeIinoe puppy on our island and no invite?
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    Top 12

    Be decent folks, the world just started. don't make it a trolling repeat of Elis :)
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    Newspaper Joint Paper; Tackling the Stories of Andros

    i'll just say that this server has been very decent and mostly abt game.. maybe because many players on both side of this war know each other .. for me its refreshing that there is less drama/trolling and more fighting on this server. Thanks @Evil MeIinoe for keeping the externals alive
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    Top Whatever

    nice read. Its a long server, keep us entertained. Good to see some decent teams and players dropped in this. the world looks competitive. many familiar names. has anyone created world chat yet?
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    Pre-World Andros Discussion Thread

    3 days still nothing. who is handling the forums here? where is the top10?
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    Egyptian Version

    sounds interesting where an alliance has too choose from one of the selected cultures and each culture has its own pros and cons.. something like rise of nations
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    Trapesuz - Live Reporting

    do you predict in stocks as well?
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    Newspaper Smyrna Newspaper 7th Edition: VM week

    kudos to @well too bad for publishing weekly newspaper ; i must say the paper has been very neutral in its content and i agree with most of it. Zoo was let down by its leadership v1.0 (which i was part of then); and QoQ capitalized on that opportunity; so well played. At least they have been an...
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    Newspaper Story of MeIinoe, Justice for Angodude; including True Bloods and Hidden Gems

    yeah i know how much you admired bloods, let me tell you and @The Ghost had a big hand in me moving to bloods since you both praise them so high.. yeah well you see after moving i have made frnds here as well (kinda magnetic personality that i am :p) and i dont want to fight my friends either...
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    Newspaper Story of MeIinoe, Justice for Angodude; including True Bloods and Hidden Gems

    nice writeup @Evil MeIinoe , however I would have refrained from chat ss on externals. But overall it takes courage to write up the first part "Deluded Mel" which i could connect to since you know we talked a lot that time.. sssshhhh... (don't worry i wont share any chat ss ;) ) as for hate i...
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    Pnp Elis Newspaper - September Edition

    lol just saw tht Sept 19, 9:03 edit.. @OutOfCharacters forward my mail to any DOA they will understand and explain you what you did not understood. that was a cheap shot, not expected of you
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    Top 12 Sink & Swim Series

    now that i have your ATTENTION just wanted to say that i am leaving this server (if you didn't already notice it before). I had informed this to Ruthie sometime back (yup before ango incident so dont mix things here). I didn't want to just ghost or leave throwing my cities up in the air, wanted...