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  1. 2.102 Discussion Thread

    Like to see Inno getting off their butts and getting a couple updates out. They've gotta make a sign in their headquarters stating, "Stop messing with stuff that works, and start adding a better end-game." But to be fair, good to see them doing something.
  2. Active world and 7 days without post

    Got some good points in here GS... I agree with the consolidation part. Just to add, don't blow off SSICK's 'little resistance', because so far they haven't played as much of a team. Not out to disrespect any of their players, lots of them know their game. Just mentioning that the hierarchy...
  3. Pnp A Normal Day in Legacy

    Just shows the awkward strength of the event's manticores. Some sieges with 50k DLU aren't meant to be broken at this stage in this world lol. Not trying to take anything away, this was an incredible use of Cats and resources. I'd have spent too long in the simulator trying to plan that to the...
  4. EN87 - Apex

    Mate, did you play in Edessa or Dyme at the start of the world?
  5. 40 Player Alliance Limit (Thoughts??)

    Jesus, I remember your name bowzer. Big name in grepolis. You wouldn't know my name, at least from this account, but it is cool to see an arguable legend potentially coming back...
  6. Bathrobe and ShowerCap's Top 12

    Appreciate the comments. Average points may not be the best way of indicating success for an alliance, but it is quite good for before BP ends. Of course, the first video is the toughest video - not much to pull information from. Of course ABP and DBP will be a factor in our next video. In the...
  7. Bathrobe and ShowerCap's Top 12

    Thanks guys. We were trying new things out. We weren't sure which type of recording method we would want to do. We haven't worked together before. The next episode, we will literally be in the same room together. We will take into consideration all those points, thank you :). P.S: His voice...
  8. Bathrobe and ShowerCap's Top 12 Enjoy! Comment your thoughts and recommendations down below :).
  9. Inactive Topic Development - City Customization

    Guys, don't be so harsh. No idea is stupid until it's given up upon. I don't personally love this type of customization, but I do agree after 3 years, the game hasn't changed much! It is time for a new idea, just keep thinking - one of them will work.
  10. Top 12 Top 12 SINK OR SWIM

    1. Nations Of War: Well, first sight says MRA. We've been discussing this, and it must be so. 147 members in the first day is unacceptable. I will not say NoW will be a bad alliance, some MRA's are able to cut their bad members and keep a few players which could transform their alliance. I...
  11. Pre-World Rhammus Discussion Thread

    Come on Toolan! Your making some of us lose a good night's sleep, others can't go to the bathroom until you open this world! It'll start to smell...
  12. Gone for years

    Yeah. Join us over here at Venominium, we don't bite (unless your an enemy!).
  13. Which player would you bring back if you could?

    Amen. He was the best player I have ever seen. He gets to 2 million points for fun, then ghosts all of his cities on purpose. Comes back, and hits #1 again in a few months. This all happened in Zeta. Quality.
  14. Venominium (en80)

    Woah! He died where I still have a holiday house (Tiburon). That is crazy.
  15. Venominium (en80)

    Does anyone else have trouble saying our name? Venom-in-ium.