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  1. Top 12 Teos

    320k DLU, 4k Trans, 1 CS, The Spirit and the Highlight of the year for one sad player and some OLU dead You're absolutely right, MP definitely got screwed
  2. Top 12

    Here we go I guess, Only mentioning alliances that I think will have an impact on the world, 1) Vengence/Academy MRA of the world and already has 88 players under their name and I'm still yet to find a noteworthy one. Poor core spread out between the few solid alliances in this world. They...
  3. Greatest Grepo Players of All-Time

    This has got to be one of the worst lists and posts I've ever seen.
  4. Trash Talk

    When you realize you cant pact everyone :(
  5. Top 12 Teos

    Something tells me that you're not exactly in the best position to be trash talking...
  6. Top 12 Teos

    Lmao, yes it’s definitly the hate that fuels Femme and Pbebbes endless Ls nukes when we siege you guys, definilty not gold.
  7. Update to Version 2.192 Discussion Thread

    Another update, Another broken App and game. Great jobs guys.
  8. TrashTalk Thread

    lol, I was making fun of hrothgrar... How braindead are you? Oh, and I attack you for the first time today, Good fun it was :)
  9. Top 12 Top 12 Helio

    I mean BWN suck just a big MRA that hug and do nothing else. TP is awesome, Thier FL players are so good they've invented new techniques like backsniping with DLU... You keep talking trash and we'll keep on taking cities. 3-0 to BWN
  10. Top 12 Top 12 Helio

    Why is the fact that your a ‘girl’ have to do with anything? Let’s say it was Kaokas that spoke out to ‘defend’ BS, and Bacon responded with “[man] I know your a top fighter...” do you think anyone would say that Bacon is underestimating Kaokas, I seriously doubt it. I don’t even see where’s...
  11. TrashTalk Thread

    Not sure if your serious, but Fluv did a guide a few weeks ago... same thing as Noris doing.
  12. Top 12 Top 12 Helio

    Lol - so your saying Armen (who I like), and Pianoman... if he’s still there (he was in the EK premade group before) are not troop killers? I ain’t saying taht all the group are, simply just the fact that there was at least 2-3 known troop killers in the squad. It WAS mentioned in Skype, EK said...
  13. Top 12 Top 12 Helio

    I'll throw up my thoughts before BP ends... I'm going to only do it on the allaince that will actaully impact the world. 1 - Bedtime Squad - SWIM Arguably the best lineup in the whole world. A lot of recognizable excellent names here, MGK, Nori, Niels, Brad, Mauler, Patchy etc... proven good...
  14. Dude & Help
  15. Update to Version 2.160 Discussion Thread

    Yeah, I agree that its a step in the right direction, But to be honest it's not really stopping them. Take for example Byblos, Raeden Zane. Yesterday, he left his ally, Got 1 million ABP, from troop killing and then joined back... Simple as. Like sure, it highlights the players, (but most...